Game design nudging idea.

Kids play a lot of games. FPS's, etc.

So do subtle things in the games to nudge them towards useful (to the kids hopefully) behaviors.

The canonical example I have in mind is stretching. While the character is idle have it go through some simple "ambient" stretching routines. Just simple stuff that people should do anyway.

I wonder how effective it would be.

Stupid monkeys.

We're slowly but surely killing ourselves and our planet. We're waiting for some "Hero" (who would have to be a despot), to come along and force us to do what's right in order to save ourselves. We're assuming we're magically smart enough to undo the stupid shit we've done.

You have a choice.

If you watch this and don't get it or feel anything, then you are sleepwalking through life. You snooze, you lose.


Controlling the corporations: remove the privilege of voting via lobbying.

Any corporation convicted of a felony should lose the right to "vote" via lobbying.

Felonious corporations should not lose their felony in any way, via merger nor acquisition.

If corporations want personhood, then they must suffer the same punishments for criminal behavior as a person.

Profit should never be sufficient grounds for murder, plunder, nor refusal to take responsibility for their actions. Externalizing their costs to preserve their profits is clearly not justified.

idle wisdom of the day

If you don't do something different, you won't learn something new.

Sometimes you just have to take a different route to change your whole perception.

Jump out of the rut! w00t!

Productivity hack: turn off the wifi

When you find yourself checking email, reddit, news sites, etc, turn off the wifi and get to work.

If you need to research something, then turn it on and do the research. Then back to focus-ville.

Distractions are crap, they don't move you forward.

nickel gone.

"Hey watch this, there's a hole in space in this corner," he said, flipping a nickel at the corner near the bed.

It vanished without a sound.

Sighing, she throws the covers off, and starts to leave the bedroom.

"I'm not sleeping next to that. And why did you throw away a nickel?", she said grumpily.

He slept like a baby next to the hole to nowhere.

Europa Report

  • Why do we assume Europan life evolved there? Maybe it came from out-system.
  • Why would someone go down to an alien planet if you had expendible robots to send instead? Amazingly bad idea.
  • And why do I nitpick a movie? Because I'm a dumb monkey at a keyboard.

Python code test.

Test posts are for me to try things out and keep around as pointers.

Code block:

1 for i in range(0, Infinity+Beyond):
2     print("Progress is made, one step at a time.")


for i in range(0, Infinity+Beyond):
    print("Progress is made, one step at a time.")